The first national legislative reference about intercultural mediation, in terms of enhancing diversity and as a tool for the inclusion of foreign citizenship in Itay, dates back to 1998 with two norms: Law 40, ” Immigration discipline and rules regarding the condition of the foreigner ”(art.40) and Legislative Decree 286, also called “Consolidated text of the provisions concerning immigration regulations” (art.38 and art.42).

The intercultural mediator has experienced an evolution in the types of roles: mother-tongue mediator, technician expert in mediation, linguistic mediator, linguistic-cultural mediator, cultural mediator and intercultural mediator. The variety of terminology emphasises the fragmentation between the various Italian Regions and territories who have been trying over the years to define this professional role. The various directions have converged to create a clear path towards an intercultural directive and the promotion of ethno-cultural activities.



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