Connecting People and Cultures

MediTerranet.Org aims to create an international network of empowerment for intercultural mediators by connecting Mediterranean actors and organizations in migration and mediation field, in terms of professional skills and tools, network of contacts and human resources within an active incubator of expertise in migration, in order to provide answers to the neo-emigration and immigration processes of the Mediterranean area. MediterraNet.Org proposes itself as a connective vector of intercultural mediation, between the north and the south of the world, crossing the receiving and transit countries of the current migration flows.

At the heart of the project, MediterraNet.Org will initiate actions aimed at capacity building and strengthening in intercultural mediation for professionals operating within the Mediterranean area, on issues related to migration within a territorial context and intercultural mediation relating to the management of immigrants, migrants of transit or return.

The expertise acquired will be placed under the common planning of MediterraNet.Org, aimed at the development and strengthening of migration professionals network from within the Mediterranean area, in an advocacy perspective and full respect of human rights.


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