Joint Protection with Integration Objective: 4,500 internships for socio-occupational integration

The PUOI Notice is online , a project based on the activation of individual social and work placement skills aimed at people with vulnerabilitiesregularly residing in Italy, or, under current legislation, citizens with international and humanitarian protection , residence permit issued in special cases that allow working activity, residence permit for special protection , and citizens who have entered Italy as unaccompanied minors.

The implementation of the project was entrusted to ANPAL Servizi SPA by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies-General Directorate of immigration and integration policies within the framework of the collaboration agreement with ANPAL. For the first time, through a strategy based on the complementarity and synergy of funding funds, a socio-labor inclusion project is supported in an integrated manner by the FAMI and the ESF PON Inclusion (2014-2020).

The PUOI project focuses on 4,500 active employment policy paths and on the involvement of public and private operators in the labor market. The courses provide access to a series of integrated services for social and work placement (which include, among others, tutoring services, guidance and job search support, budget and skills attestation) and to an extracurricular 6-month internship.

The Notice and related documentation are available on the ANPAL Servizi SPA website at the following link .

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